On a day like this, in a place nearby

I’ve had some blogs before… A series on what was once the new economy (1), a batch of essays on digital business fundamentals (2), the value of emerging networks in a set of isolated posts (3)… These took a long time to write and think about, and there have also been some other notions that had crossed my mind (4).

But this will be different.

The sun went down in honey, and the moon came up in wine…

42 years ago, almost to the day.

This isn’t really even a blog. Maybe an occasional idea, a comment here and there… the market network combines technology and human endpoints.

It is always an adventure.

Notes: (1) The Age of Convergence, (2) Tools for a new trade, (3) Interpreting the networksMarkets and the year(s) aheadIf it’s not a bubbleThe artificial services economy, (4) The change already happenedSpeculative Fiction… one or two others.