Subject to the player’s impulse

As software eats the world, which was observed early on, what constitutes a tech co. is increasingly open to interpretation. Some take a guarded and methodical approach, some are of greater imagination.

Admission to the sector, rich in value multiples and attention, is finally determined by the market.

It sets the rules.

John Wilkins once proposed a universal language rooted in certain universal measures. Borges wrote a story and invented an ancient resource with a similar idea.

The Analytical Language of John Wilkins – Jorge Luis Borges

Foucault was inspired by Borges to trace our arbitrary structures to their roots. His findings did not instill confidence.

Borges concluded that “theoretically, a language in which the name of each thing would indicate all the details of its destiny, past and future, is not inconceivable.”

When you play a game, you follow rules. These sometimes change without announcement.

Rules are rules.