Players in the band

It’s been tried for a very long time to master justice, what it means and how it works.

Outside of the legal profession, which isn’t yet done trying, the closest to an answer that we have may be in Plato… and even he struggled.

If memory serves – it’s been a while and I may be wrong about this – he did not so much define the term as present conditions under which it most likely happens… accepting that its definitions are many and imperfect.

And those ideal conditions I recall are of an organization in which all participants play the role they love and for which they are best suited, play it well, and let others play theirs similarly.

I’m sure I oversimplify what Plato wrote, he wrote so many things… but this oversimplification resonates, even if it’s a distortion.

“Don’t you know it’s gonna be… alright…”

It’s gonna be… alright.