Indexing the catalog

Looking over the 130 daily little snippets that have taken up this space so far, there are some groupings that fall into place, like chapters, more or less along the structure of the masthead overview.

I’ve purposely not tagged them each by category, because the overlap and vagueness of where markets end and networks start, where finance starts and markets end, where books and music overlap with some of that, it may as well be everything lumped altogether and etc.

But still, there are some groupings, and I might one day review from the beginning and create a tagging system with a dropdown menu widget for the clicking. This might, one day, be beneficial as a reference tool, at least for me, to go back and reconsider all my notes and speculations after time has passed and the enthusiasm of the moment faded.

Until that time, which may or may not come, the summary of months as currently in place may be as good a reference point as any.

But one of the most interesting features of the WordPress platform that I use, is that it on its own comes up with links to three “related” posts for every one I publish… apparently dynamic… for even as I scroll around to older ones I notice links to later dates inserted, which truly is a service.

I don’t know what the recommendation engine will offer up today, because I haven’t yet hit the publish button, but, today, for this one post, that is my reason to do it.