Conflicting interests

Everyone has an interest or two, often more, some held more strongly than others. It is the case sometimes that interests are so many that the tracking is impossible, maybe even for their owner. That may be generally the case, it’s not for me to say, and maybe the successful (in whatever way that gets defined, which is subjective) are those who keep these interests organized, prioritized, and focused.

For example, the new category dropdown menu to the side, just introduced, is an attempt to list the interests in this space in an organized, prioritized, and focused fashion. My favorite is “Etc.”, which I expect to use more often (in fact this very post), it seems thus far under-represented. In fairness, though, all subjects have a bit of “Etc.” to them, it’s really more a question of how much and is it worth the special designation.

A messy business, as I think it through… and depending on how deep below the surface one may choose to dig, the mess only gets more tangled, intertwined, and circular. And that’s just for the simple subject of this little blog, which doesn’t scratch the surface of complexities around it.

The point of these digressions anyway relates to yesterday’s “Etc.” post on choosing experts. We give and take advice, we follow and unfollow, we converge around directions set by those we deem to be in privileged positions to lead the way, but as we do, it pays sometimes to think about the interests involved. Sometimes these are disclosed and clear, though oftentimes they’re not, which isn’t necessarily for deception, but just because the matter is quite complicated.