In virtual reality

A sentiment is beginning to spread that once the pandemic crisis has subsided, we (i.e., social norms and patterns) will never be the same. While this is a justifiable prediction, matters of “we” are very difficult to predict.

There is a tendency, as always, to extend the observed trajectory out into the future, with no friction or reaction to the trend, without external elements that may influence a movement, even if indirectly and from afar, which influence itself is probably non-linear in nature.

In real-time, the broken lines or shifting of momentum that occur to change an outlook or to render forecasts incomplete, if not completely wrong, appear as though random or chaotic. With hindsight, there are always explanations, over which there usually is dispute because with hindsight even explanations are complex and subject to interpretation.

The one on which we settle is then used to shape an outlook going forward, and maybe we convince ourselves at times that we predicted well, but who’s to say if we were right for the right reason or by happenstance. And sometimes we learn more from instances where we were wrong, at least when we acknowledge our wrongness.

Anyway… with this by way of backdrop, here is a current event that may be projected out, and one day prove to be prophetic, or at least symbolic, though possibly anomalous, or maybe all these things, depending on perspective.

The Verge