A far-away view

Societies, geographies, industries, economies, and markets are complex network layers that interconnect to form a multidimensional structure on a global scale, infinitely more complex than its component layers. While each layer is dynamically shaped by micro-behavior at the individual node and cluster level, collectively all the layers macro-influence each other. The resulting global structure, in turn, has its impact on the pieces.

Historically, the difference was one of space and time, perhaps, where distances and limitations in both made for weaker ties within the mesh than is now the case. The change over the centuries has been observed by many to reflect an accelerating rhythm and impact of events, continuously amplified by the acceleration and the shortening of distances, which are inter-related.

If there is an analogy in all of this to a complex living organism, the complexity increases with the tools and remedies and side-effects. A shock is going to have consequences that are proportional to the shock, but with difficult to predict proportions.

The reopening of a major economy, in this light, is as mysterious as its closing.