Content and distribution

Now, when the product is digital and easy to transport, all businesses are media to an extent. All media is based on the two referenced elements.

But the differences and demarkations aren’t as sharp as in the past…


And the technology is increasingly ubiquitous…

BBC – Sony announces electric car concept [it started with the Walkman]

So, as core elements are in a state of flux, and tending to convergence, the plans and forecasts can’t be about growth alone…

And neither can the value estimates.


In the balance between investment and value build – between customer acquisition cost and lifetime value – what matters most is CAC….

Because it’s real, it’s tangible, and in some control, while LTV is romance.

Since content depends on distribution for its CAC, and distribution similarly requires content, the networks that have both the elements are most comfortably situated … where network effects can lead CAC to zero.

This opens up all future possibilities, the universal value driver after all.